Expungement of Juvenile Records in Oklahoma

Expungement of juvenile records

It is a common misconception that a person’s juvenile record is confidential.  In fact, it doesn’t matter if you were a juvenile when the offense was committed, the record may still show up in public searches.  This means that potential employers can find the information.  In Oklahoma, nearly 10% of the annual statewide arrests are juveniles.  This means thousands of juvenile offenders have a new record each year.  Don’t let a teenage mistake cause you problems in moving on with an adult life.  An expungement of juvenile records is worth your consideration.

Expungement of Juvenile Records

Title 10A of the Oklahoma Statutes provides for expungement of juvenile records under §2-6-109.  So, if your records were not sealed at trial or by some type of plea agreement, then they are public and eligible for expungement.  As a result, the expungement of juvenile records will remove the action from your record.  This includes the removal of basic identification as well.

To file a petition for expungement of juvenile records, you must:

– be 21 years old or older;

– have a clean record after the age of 18;

– have no fine or court costs remaining on the juvenile charges; AND

– have no other criminal convictions and no sentence deferments.


Expungement Process

Expungement filing, while sometimes seeming overwhelming, is a straight forward legal process.  You must first file a petition.  A court date will setExpungement of juvenile records for a hearing once your petition files.  So, a hearing will occur, but 30 days notice must first go to the DA, OSBI, and Office of Juvenile Affairs before it can take place.  The courts, if none of the agencies object to your expungement request, will decide your case.

If the court grants your expungement, you no longer have to disclose that you have arrests in your background.  Further, the juvenile record will seal and that state will obliterate it after a 10 year period.  This means no trace of the record will exist at all.

OKC Expungement Attorneys

Past mistakes as a teenager shouldn’t cost you for life.  Our attorneys want to help ensure you have all the opportunities you can as an adult to succeed.  We can help you break free from a juvenile record.  Call us or come in for a free consultation.