Interfering With an Emergency Call

Interfering with an Emergency Call

Interfering with an Emergency Call often occurs in assault and battery crimes.  Take for example the recent situation in Oklahoma City where a man was abusing his wife and blocked her from making calls to 911.  The man was convicted on a Monday of abuse and interfering with an emergency call.  On Wednesday, the man retaliating against his wife attacked her again, and she shot him.  However, interfering with an emergency call is also possible in other crimes as well.

Interfering with an Emergency Call by Law

Title 21 if the Oklahoma Statutes defines interference with an emergency call in §1211.1:

 “Any person who intentionally interrupts, disrupts, impedes or interferes with an emergency telephone call or intentionally prevents or hinders another person from placing an emergency telephone call..”

So, inadvertent interference is not a crime.  But, purposeful and intentional interference is criminal.  Thus, if you are blocking a person from making an emergency call, you are committing a punishable offense.  The call, further, does not have to be to 911.  It may be to any emergency officer or department.

Punishment for Emergency Call Interference

Interfering with emergency calls is a misdemeanor in Oklahoma.  Generally misdemeanor crimes come with potential jail time of less than 6 months and fines around $500 or so.  However, the fines for this crime are much higher.  These may reach up to $3,000.  Further, the prison sentence could also be up to a year.  The record will be public.  Having a crime showing you intentionally stop a person from calling for help is serious.  It could make potential employers wary about hiring you.


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