Personal Injury

Our Oklahoma City Personal Injury Attorneys have ample experience in serving clients facing personal injury litigation.  These clients are suffering because of someone else’s negligent behavior.  To be a negligence case, you must first show that someone did act negligently.  Negligence is measured legally by this standard:  would a reasonable person acted this way in the same or similar circumstances?  If a reasonable person would act differently, then you likely have a negligence case.

We represent Oklahoman’s who suffer personal injury because of another person’s negligent acts.  If, in the unfortunate event a person suffers fatal injuries because of negligence, we represent their families.  Annually, hundreds of Oklahomans face injury and possibly death from workplace injuries.  However, this can also be an injury suffered from participating in regular events of your daily life.  Let us help you.  We know the law is clear about negligence causing injuries.  If you suffer injuries, then you are entitled to compensation for medical treatment related to the injury.  Further, depending on the severity of the injury, pain and suffering compensation may also be appropriate for you to pursue.

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Let us help you get the settlement you deserve.  We have served thousands of injured people, and can give you the legal support you need. Call us today to get back to where you need to be in your day to day life.