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Our OKC Attorneys can help you. Filing a bankruptcy will help you to get a fresh financial start. This is because federal law protects people and businesses that have suffered from financial hardship. Bankruptcy law will protect your assets and stop collection actions including wage garnishments, foreclosure and repossession. As an Oklahoman you can file either a chapter 7 bankruptcy or a chapter 13 bankruptcy. Both chapters intend to help you get out from under the oppressive collection methods of debt collectors. Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be so difficult. With the right state of mind and the help from a bankruptcy attorney in Oklahoma City you can get through the difficult financial time. Each year millions of Americans turn to the bankruptcy law for help and you can get that same help.  We can help you stop creditor calls and get back on your feet.

Oklahoma City Criminal Defense

Receiving charges of a crime is one of the most traumatic things a person can experience. From the prospect of being put in prison on to the cost associated with fines costs and attorney fees the process is difficult. Our criminal defense attorneys in Oklahoma City have the experience you need. We help clients with both felony and misdemeanor charges. Our proven track record focuses on drug crimes, DUI and alcohol crimes, assault and battery and robbery crimes and most other offenses. Our OKC attorneys can also work to have your criminal charges reduced or expunged from your criminal record. If you’ve been charged with a crime in Oklahoma City and are facing oppressive fines costly and possibly jail time don’t go it alone.

Family and Divorce Law

Family law is one of the broadest areas of the law. Nothing strikes more emotion than child custody cases in Oklahoma. Not only are the parents having a difficult time dealing with each other but now they have to try and sort out co-parenting issues involving their children. In addition to custody and visitation problems in the case of divorce they also have to divide marital assets and liability and in many cases spousal support and child support.

In this type of family law case you need steady and realistic legal representation to guide and fight for you. Our Oklahoma City family law attorneys have the experience you need to protect both yourself and your child. Whether its a paternity case of divorce case we can help resolve all your custody and visitation issues. In addition to custody and visitation or family law attorneys can help resolve issues with the division of marital assets, liabilities and support alimony if applicable.

Oklahoma Estate Planning

When it comes to end of life decision making many people aren’t as prepared as they think. Its understandable given our death is an event that is certain to occur but still thought about in the abstract. Estate planning is about more than just a will or a trust. Estate planning is about protecting your assets and insuring that you or your family receive care as they age. Don’t leave estate planning for tomorrow because sometimes tomorrow is too late. Whether its a probate a will, trust or a health care directive and powers of attorney our practice can help you decide how your assets distribute.

Personal Injury

If you’ve been injured by another and the injury is no fault of your own our injury attorneys in Oklahoma City can help you. Everyday Oklahoman’s are injured because someone else failed to take care and act in a way that doesn’t cause injury to another. Whether its a car accident, trucking accident, or slips and falls we can help. Our attorneys have the personal injury law experience that you can rely on. Our clients have recovered millions with our help.  This record can assure you our attorneys are in your corner.

If you’ve been injured because of the negligence of another your are entitled to both a property and personal injury settlement. This personal injury settlement includes payment of all your medical bills. In addition to paying your medical bills you also receive payment for your pain and suffering, loss of wages and perhaps other remedies are available to you.

Workers Compensation

Of all the types of injury law in Oklahoma Workers Compensation law has underwent the most dramatic changes in recent years. As insurance companies and some politicians seek to limit your coverage for work injuries our workers compensation attorneys are here to fight for you. If you receive on the job injuries in Oklahoma you may receive workers compensation coverage. This work injury insurance guarantees that if you are injured on the job your employers insurance company must provide you with all reasonable and necessary medical treatment to get you back to work.

In addition to medical treatment you may also receive temporary disability and if applicable to your injury permanent injury. If you receive injuries at work don’t go it alone. We can help you get what you deserve. We don’t charge anything upfront for injury cases. Call our OKC attorneys today for the help you need.

Oklahoma Immigration Law

Our OKC attorneys are here to help you. We’ve helped countless new arrivals satisfy all the immigration requirement of the United States Immigration Services. Immigration law is complex and the consequences for mistakes are high. Whether its a family visa, Fiancee Visa or a Work Visa we can help. If you need the help of an Oklahoma immigration lawyers call us today for a free consultation.