Divorce Process

Divorce process

The Divorce Process in Oklahoma City can be daunting. Nobody goes into a marriage wishing it to end in divorce.  Both parties face emotional effects, as well as financial.  Our OKC Attorneys understand that going through a legal process when facing that much emotional fallout can be heavy.  This article can help you to learn more about the process and hopefully simplify it for you.

Reasons for Divorce

While you may have many reasons surrounding your divorce, the state of Oklahoma has a set of legal grounds for it.  Title 43 §101 provides these grounds.  There are the obvious grounds:  irreconcilable differences, adultery, abandonment. Then there are less common ones:  provable insanity for 5 or more years, fraud, imprisonment of one spouse, and more.

Divorce Process

A series of steps exist that you must take to complete the process:

First, you must get the necessary documents from the court clerk.  This generally includes a petition for divorce, a summons and settlements affidavitsDivorce process among other forms.  Next, you will fill out the forms and return them to the court clerk in the county you reside in.  There will be court and filing fees you must pay too.  Finally, the court will set a hearing and issue a final decree.

Your divorce decree is effective immediately unless you have minor children.  If you do then you have different waiting periods and may also have to take educational classes on co-parenting.


Divorce and Effects

Upon receiving a divorce, you have certain rights and limitations.  For one, you cannot remarry within 6 months of the final decree.  However, you may be able to return to your original name if you prefer and any property you receive in the decree is fully yours without regard to your ex.

It is important to note that there are other effects.  Mainly, you may be subject to paying or receiving alimony.  Further, you may also have to pay child support.