Calculating Child Support Payments

Calculating Child Support Payments

Calculating child support payments owed and the Oklahoma child support calculator are some of the most common questions our family law attorneys receive.  After figuring out who pays and how long one pays child support, the next question is:  How do the courts calculate the amount?  This article will summarize the process for Calculating Child Support Payments in Oklahoma.

Child Support Calculation

Title 43 governs Oklahoma’s child support laws.  Under §§118120, you can fine the rules for calculation and more.  The following list provides the elements a court will consider involving the parents:

  1. The “obligor” is the person who pays the support (generally has less visitation)
  2. The “oblige(e)” is the person who receives the payments on behalf of the child
  3. Gross monthly income of the parties and the percentage each parent contributes to it
  4. Work and educational expenses relating to childcare of the parties such as daycare or after-school care
  5. Shared Parenting Credit (number of overnights each party has)
  6. The medical insurance paid for the child and the parties’ contributions to that
  7. Any other statutory adjustments applying to the parties’ incomes

 The second set of factors the court uses to determine child support calculation, regard the child.  Therefore, they intentionally consider the needs of Calculating Child Support Paymentsthe child and the best interests of the child, which is the standard for courts.  Title 43 §118-120 again provides these elements:

  1. # of children living in the home
  2. Housing and other expenses involving the residence
  3. Clothing expenses for the child
  4. Food expenses for the child
  5. Transportation costs between the parties sharing custody
  6. Basic educational expenses such as school supplies
  7. Entertainment for the child


DHS Forms

Oklahoma DHS has forms that can help you calculate the support you may owe.  These spreadsheets will also help you figure the amount of child support you may receive if you are the obligee.  You can find those forms here.

OKC Child Support Attorneys

You can use the DHS forms if you prefer, but once you have them complete a lawyer can help you with the concrete steps of securing your child support calculation. Your first consultation with us is free.  Call our offices to make an appointment.