Over the past two hundred years much of the world has dreamed of one day immigrating to the United States. Without doubt the new world hasOklahoma City immigration attorneys been the favored destination for the world. Whether seeking life with religious freedom, fleeing from political retribution or wars, or just wanting a change of scenery, the United States has offered hope of a new life to millions of people across the world. Our Oklahoma City immigration attorneys are here to help make that freedom a reality for you and your loved ones.

Over the many years that the United States has been accepting immigrants, the paperwork required to enter the country has changed and evolved with the times. From what was once as simple as disembarking from a ship has turned into a puzzling pile of documents creating confusion for those attempting to enter the country on the many different visas available. We’re here to help bridge the paperwork gap that has come between you and your desires to create a new and opportunity filled life here in the United States.

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Our Oklahoma City immigration attorneys have the knowledge and skills to represent you in your immigration process.  We serve clients in English, as well as Spanish.  Our offices are Oklahoma based, but we assist people who are applying for green cards, citizenship, and/or visas.  Our main focus is employment based immigration.  However, we also work in family based immigration and United States citizenship processes, as well as deportation and removal proceedings.

We understand these processes can be stressful.  Language barriers and employment regulations are often major obstacles to work through.  Let our Oklahoma City immigration attorneys walk you through it.  We want you to receive the most understandable representation possible to help ease your fears and fully complete the process.