Gender Preference in Child Custody Cases

How Long Does a Divorce Take

Gender Preference in Child Custody cases is an important aspect of family law in Oklahoma.  It’s a legal rumor that mothers always get custody of their children.  In the past, certain doctrines have preferred the mother.  However, fathers who assert their rights can receive custody as well.  In fact, courts have explicitly made a move […]

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Grandchildren Inheritance in Estate Planning

Grandchildren Inheritance

Grandchildren Inheritance is an important issue in many Estate Plans. In Oklahoma if you don’t provide a will or some sort of estate plan, your estate will go into probate as intestate.  This means that the court will divide and distribute the assets according to the state succession laws.  In other words, this could exclude […]

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Stalking Crimes Explained by OKC Attorneys


Stalking is a crime that can occur against anyone.  However, the majority of victims are women.  Stalkers usually act on one of several emotions based on a real or imagined relationship with the victim.  These include:  extreme jealousy, need for control and contact, rage, and/or complete obsession. Stalkers generally spend an inordinate amount of time […]

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Tips for Forming an LLC in Oklahoma County

Forming an LLC

Are you considering forming an LLC in Oklahoma County?  Forming an LLC has many advantages to business owners and entrepreneurs.  The most alluring aspect is that an LLC designation will protect your personal assets from litigation if your company comes under suit.  It also allows you to report the income on your personal taxes to […]

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OKC Attorneys Evaluate Oklahoma Child Pornography Crimes

Oklahoma Child Pornography Crimes are among of the most serious charges a person could face. In November of 2016, Guthrie police discovered hundreds of videos, a cell phone, and other digital items of child pornography in a 36 year old man’s home.  These videos contained photos of underage boys anywhere from 2 to 12 years […]

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Oklahoma County Robbery Crimes

Oklahoma County Robbery Crimes are on the rise. According to city data, over 1,100 robberies occurred in Oklahoma City during 2014.  Because Oklahoma County robbery crimes are on the rise, its also more likely a person will be misidentified by eye witnesses as a robber when he or she is not. Although it seems outdated […]

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Drug Paraphernalia Laws in Oklahoma

Charges of possession of Drug Paraphernalia laws in Oklahoma can land you with a criminal record.  The moral stigma of drug related crimes often hurt people for their lifetime.  Okla. Stat. tit. 63 §2-405(B) states: “No person shall use drug paraphernalia to plant, propagate, cultivate, grow, harvest, manufacture, compound, convert, produce, process, prepare, test, analyze, pack, repack, […]

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Manslaughter Charges in Oklahoma

Manslaughter Charges in Oklahoma are complex and serious in nature. Most people are aware of the death of former pop singer, Michael Jackson.  At 50 years old, the singer was found unconscious after receiving a dose of propofol from his personal doctor, Conrad Murray.  Propofol, normally an anesthetic for surgery patients, was negligently used as […]

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OKC Larceny From a Retailer

Our OKC larceny from a retailer attorneys can help you. Oklahoma City Larceny from a retail store, more commonly referred to as Shoplifting, is a serious crime.  For example, in September of 2016 News 9 reports that a woman pepper-sprayed a store manager during a confrontation.  The manager approached her in the parking lot regarding […]

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OKC Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Our OKC nursing home abuse attorneys have dealt with all kinds of assisted living negligence. At Warr Acres Nursing Home in Oklahoma City a worker recently was fired for nursing home abuse and neglect of her patient.  She admitted to not checking on her patients with the knowledge that nobody else was either.  The most […]

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