Stalking Crimes Explained by OKC Attorneys


Stalking is a crime that can occur against anyone.  However, the majority of victims are women.  Stalkers usually act on one of several emotions based on a real or imagined relationship with the victim.  These include:  extreme jealousy, need for control and contact, rage, and/or complete obsession. Stalkers generally spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about, attempting contact, and following their victims.  Some even go to the extent of hacking into and using GPS technology.  If you are facing charges of stalking, this article will explain more and what you may be facing.

Statutes about Stalking

The Oklahoma Statutes criminalize stalking.  You can find this under Title 21 §1173.  Basically, this crime involves: (1) following or harassing (2) Stalkinganother person (3) on purpose.  These actions must cause a reasonable person to fear or become afraid for their safety.  Further, a series of incidents which may not be threatening in the singular context could be stalking if viewed together.  For example, say a person is mailing love letters, sending flowers, and waiting outside the place of employment of a victim.  While each act alone may not appear threatening, taken together they could constitute stalking.

Sentencing Stalkers

The courts in Oklahoma generally sentence first time stalkers under misdemeanor laws.  This means you will face a possible 6 months in prison and fines up to $1,000.  However, a second offense increases these penalties.  If a second offense is within 10 years of a first conviction, then you are facing up to $10,000 in fines and prison time up to 10 years.  These harsher sentences will also apply to first offenses that are in violation of a protective or restraining order.


Oklahoma City Attorneys

Stalking is a very serious allegation to make against another person.  It can cause problems with work and socializing, and sometimes interfere with custody suits.  If you are facing charges of stalking, call our offices.  We understand the legal system and how to navigate it to your best advantage.  Your initial consultation is free.