Gender Preference in Child Custody Cases

gender preference in child custody

Gender Preference in Child Custody cases is an important aspect of family law in Oklahoma.  It’s a legal rumor that mothers always get custody of their children.  In the past, certain doctrines have preferred the mother.  However, fathers who assert their rights can receive custody as well.  In fact, courts have explicitly made a move […]

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Employment Visa Explanations by an Attorney

Employment Visa

The United States allows non-citizens who are working and living in the country to enjoy employment visa protections.  However, there are multiple designations which require differing visas.  We summarize these below: Employment Visa Status and Immigrants The State Department provides three types of employment visa services:  H-1B, H-2, and H-3.  This makes immigrants working in […]

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At Work Burn Injuries in Oklahoma

Burn Injuries

At Work Burn Injuries in Oklahoma happen all the time. In November of 217, a Durant man suffered serious burn injuries while working.  The Durant City Hall is undergoing some construction work.  During this work a man in a lift became surrounded by power lines while working on some bricks.  He backed away from two […]

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Oklahoma Comparative Negligence Doctrine

Oklahoma Comparative Negligence

The Oklahoma Comparative Negligence doctrine can impact the outcome of your personal injury claim. Oklahoma’s Highway and Safety Office reports approximately 120,000 to 130,000 car wrecks each year.  Nearly a quarter of these wrecks occur in the Northeastern part of the state.  Unfortunately you may find yourself being a wreck in this statistic.  It’s normal […]

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Grandchildren Inheritance in Estate Planning

Grandchildren Inheritance

Grandchildren Inheritance is an important issue in many Estate Plans. In Oklahoma if you don’t provide a will or some sort of estate plan, your estate will go into probate as intestate.  This means that the court will divide and distribute the assets according to the state succession laws.  In other words, this could exclude […]

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Dividing Debts in an Oklahoma Divorce

Oklahoma Divorce

Dividing Debts in an Oklahoma Divorce is a process that at times in overlooked. Given the emotion and general disruption surrounding an Oklahoma divorce people tend to overlook some of the debt. Our clients often wonder how property gets divided along with debts of the marriage.  This is especially true for how debt is divided […]

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Rape Convictions in Oklahoma City

Rape Convictions in Oklahoma City

Rape Convictions in Oklahoma City are serious and happen more than people realize. Recently, Oklahoma City is making top lists for violent cities. In fact, you have a 1 in 22 chance of becoming a crime victim in Oklahoma City.  This is 36% higher than the average for the rest of the state.  Further, in […]

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Stalking Crimes Explained by OKC Attorneys


Stalking is a crime that can occur against anyone.  However, the majority of victims are women.  Stalkers usually act on one of several emotions based on a real or imagined relationship with the victim.  These include:  extreme jealousy, need for control and contact, rage, and/or complete obsession. Stalkers generally spend an inordinate amount of time […]

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Prenatal Paternity Testing Explained

Prenatal Paternity Testing

Paternity cases are those cases where a child is born to unwed parents. In this kind of case the question of whose the Dad is often raised. Also, in a paternity case there need to be a formal adjudication of the natural father rights to custody and visitation. Prenatal paternity testing is a possibility in […]

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Homicide Crimes in OKC

Homicide crimes

Homicide crimes in Oklahoma have been steadily climbing over the last few years.  In 2014 Oklahoma was the 10th most violent state in the U.S. and in 2016 homicides hit a decade high.  As a result, many courts have started taking homicide crimes even more seriously than before.  This article will explain the elements of […]

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