How Long Does a Divorce Take in OKC

How Long Does a Divorce Take

How Long Does a Divorce Take in OKC in most cases depends on the people getting the divorce. Unfortunately, there is not a set length of time.  It has variables and also depends on the type of dissolution of marriage you seek.  Uncontested, Contested, and those with Minor Children are all types of divorce.  This article will help to shed light on the process and how long it takes..

Length of Time For Divorce

Uncontested Divorces

People who seek an uncontested divorce usually have the shortest length of time.  The reason these types of divorce are short is due to the nature of them.  Both parties generally have come to an agreement on how to divide finances, property, and any support.  Further, the parties do not have any minor children.  Therefore, they only have to go through the court process to validate their divorce and receive the final decree.  This can be as short as a 10 day process.

Uncontested Cases that Include Children

Having children under 18 years old will not stop you from being able to file for an uncontested divorce.  It will though, because there are children involved, make the process take longer.  Instead, of a 10 day process, you will be looking at a 90 day process minimum.  Plus, you will likely have to take parenting classes.

Contested Cases

Contested divorces are the divorces most people think of when they imagine custody battles and fights over money.  Parties on each side have disagreements about spousal support, dividing property and other assets, and—if there are minor children—spousal support.  These generally go to court for resolution.

This type of divorce can increase the time to get through the process.  Parties must go through the entire court process:  Discovery requests, court dates, and hearings.  This could take months to complete.  It is likely you will face a year or more in the process of an uncontested divorce.


OKC Family Attorneys

Our OKC family law Attorneys know that people generally do not want to spend more time than necessary in the divorce process.  Thus, hiring a legal representative will speed it up and make sure to protect your rights.  Call our offices for a free consultation.