Eluding The Police in OKC

Eluding the police in OKC

Eluding The Police in OKC is a crime that many times is charged as a felony. On Nov. 10 of 2017, an OKC man led Moore officers on a three hour chase.  He was driving a stolen vehicle when approached.  As a result, the man aimed the truck at officers while accelerating.  The chase ended with several schools on lockdown in the Moore area and with the truck stuck in a pond.  Moore Oklahoma Police eventually tased the man who was then on foot.  He is now facing charges on eluding an officer, inattentive driving, assault and battery on officers, etc.

Proof of Eluding an Officer

Eluding an officer is relatively easy to prove in many cases.  It follows a basic pattern you can find under 21 O.S. ยง540.

  1. You are being pursued by an officer (in a vehicle or on foot);
  2. The officer gives you a signal to stop (lights, siren, verbal queues, etc.);
  3. But you do not stop, instead speeding up or trying to make evasive action.

So making abrupt or sharp turns, running away, and attempting to lose an officer if you are under pursuit is eluding an officer.  As you can see, the crime is simple to prove in most situations.


Penalties for Eluding Police

Our attorneys will explain to you that the law in Oklahoma considers

eluding an officer a misdemeanor crime.  So, for a first offense you are looking at fines between $100 and $2,000.  Your amount will depend upon how extreme your efforts are to elude.  You may also spend time in jail.  This can reach up to one year if necessary.

As you can expect subsequent offenses have stricter penalties.  A second offense, for example, has fines amount between $500 and $5,000.  But, while you are committing the offense of eluding officers, if you put another person in danger or damage property, you will face additional charges and penalties.  In fact, you are now looking at felony charges.

OKC Defense Attorneys

Our criminal defense attorneys know that sometimes a knee-jerk reaction happens.  Eluding the Police in OKC can cause you significant issues legally.  Let us help you walk through the process and advocate for your interests.  Call our offices today.