Understanding Kidnapping Crimes in OKC

Kidnapping crimies in OKC

Kidnapping Crimes in OKC are ver seriuose and may result in a prison sentance. In January of 2018, a Massachusetts man was charged with the kidnapping of a 7 year old.  The child was at a cook out the man attended the day before perpetrating the kidnap.  He took her from her bed at night […]

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Peeping Tom Charges in Oklahoma

Peeping Tom Charges

Peeping Tom Charges in Oklahoma can be devastating if you are convicted of the crime. A Rogers County man is facing Peeping Tom charges after an alleged find on his work computer.  Trevor Thompson was reported to authorities after supervisors at Thompson’s company found pornography and over 76 GB of up-skirt photos of women on […]

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OKC Criminal Attorneys Discuss Domestic Abuse Charges

domestic abuse charges

Domestic Abuse Charges in Oklahoma are prosecuted aggressively by the OKC district attorneys office. Recently an Oklahoma City area police officer currently faces charges on domestic abuse against her husband.  The couple was in an argument, which became physical.  During the physical fight, the police officer struck her husband in the head using a curling […]

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OKC Attorneys Evaluate Oklahoma Child Pornography Crimes

Oklahoma Child Pornography Crimes are among of the most serious charges a person could face. In November of 2016, Guthrie police discovered hundreds of videos, a cell phone, and other digital items of child pornography in a 36 year old man’s home.  These videos contained photos of underage boys anywhere from 2 to 12 years […]

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Oklahoma County Robbery Crimes

Oklahoma County Robbery Crimes are on the rise. According to city data, over 1,100 robberies occurred in Oklahoma City during 2014.  Because Oklahoma County robbery crimes are on the rise, its also more likely a person will be misidentified by eye witnesses as a robber when he or she is not. Although it seems outdated […]

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