Understanding Kidnapping Crimes in OKC

Kidnapping crimies in OKC

Kidnapping Crimes in OKC are ver seriuose and may result in a prison sentance. In January of 2018, a Massachusetts man was charged with the kidnapping of a 7 year old.  The child was at a cook out the man attended the day before perpetrating the kidnap.  He took her from her bed at night and strangled her, then threw her off a bridge.  The child survived and swam yards to shore.  She had visible injuries, but is expected to recover.  This is a sensational story that most people think about when they think about kidnapping.  However, the crime can occur through parental kidnapping, by acquaintances, etc.  This article will explain more.

Kidnapping Definition

Oklahoma Statutes define kidnapping under Title 21 §741.  There are a list of elements that must exist for this crime to be applicable.  These include:

(1) You seize, imprison, or lure through flattery;

(2) Another person;

(3) Without authority to do so; and

(4) With intentions of holding them against their will.

Further evidence of a kidnap is when you send a person out of state or force them into some type of labor.  This can be sexually exploitative, such as prostitution, or servitude such as cleaning houses or manual labor for free.

Penalties Kidnapping Crimes in OKC

Oklahoma criminal law considers kidnapping an automatic felony charge.  As a result, you are facing severe penalties.  The jail term alone is up to 20 years per count.Kidnapping Crimes in OKC  Further, courts may require you to pay restitution to victims and other fines.  Even more, a felony conviction remains on your permanent record for any employer, landlord, etc. to view.

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There are defenses to this charge.  However, they are tricky to use and must meet certain criteria to be available.  First, the victim must be over the age of 12.  Second, the victim must be willing to go with you. Finally, you must provide proof that the victim left voluntarily without threats or duress.

Oklahoma City Kidnapping Attorneys

Kidnapping crimes in OKC are very serious charges that could land the accussed in Jail.  Parental kidnapping is one of the types that people often falsely allege against their ex in custody battles.  If you face these charges, let our skillful attorneys fight for your rights.  Don’t end up serving jail time due to a misunderstanding or bogus charge.  Call 405.367.871 today.