Work Related Hand Injuries

Work Related Hand Injuries

Work Related Hand Injuries are covered by Oklahoma workers compensation insurance. Over 1 million hand injuries occur nationwide each year in the workplace.  This is often a result of repetitive use.  Some examples of this are constant typing and use of a mouse or mechanic jobs where the laborer is always turning a wrench.  However, hands often face injury if you brace yourself during a fall at work or have a mishap with equipment.  If you face hand injuries where you strain, break, or even lose parts of your hand, you are likely eligible for compensation.

Anatomy of Work Related Hand Injuries

Hands are one of the most dexterous body parts.  This is due to a fine set of muscles, tendons, and bones.  Three nerves in the hand are for sensoryWork Related Hand Injuries movement and also ability to control.  These are the ulnar, median, and radial nerves.  The ulnar nerve allows the hand to grasp items.  The median nerve allows a person to pinch and use other fine motor skills with the fingers.  Finally, the radial nerve provides stabilization for the hand in general.

Damaging any of the bones or nerves in the hand can affect your ability to perform even the minutest daily tasks.  While you may be unable to type or use tools, you may also face inability at home.  For example, holding a utensil for eating or even putting on and buttoning clothing may prove difficult.

Compensation for Hand Injuries

Workers Compensation is available to Oklahoma employees who face work related hand injuries.  Employees may claim reimbursement for medical treatment and lost wages.  However, to claim these workers comp benefits, you must follow a series of steps.

  1. Notify your employer of the injuries. Do this as soon as possible.  Make copies of the notification if possible.
  2. File an accident report in accordance with the company’s policy. Again keep a copy.
  3. Make a formal request for treatment of your hand injuries with the Workers Comp Commission. Also keep a copy of this.
  4. Contact an attorney to begin filing the correct workers comp forms.

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OKC Work Injury Attorneys in Your Corner

You can receive compensation for your work related injuries. Over the past few years the insurance company’s in Oklahoma have worked hard trying to limit the compensation you have coming to you for your work related injuries. If you’ve been injured at work you are entitled to quick and professional medical treatment. You are also entitled to disability payments while you are treating and at the end of the case for other payments depending on the injury. We highly recommend you seek legal counsel if you’re facing an at work injury.  This will ensure you get the treatment you need and the wages you deserve during recovery and after the treatment is finished.  Further, an attorney will make sure you meet all your filing deadlines under workers compensation and fight to get you treated quickly.  Our attorneys offer a free consultation call us at 405.637.8710