OKC Larceny From a Retailer

OKC larceny From a Retailer attorneys

Our OKC larceny from a retailer attorneys can help you. Oklahoma City Larceny from a retail store, more commonly referred to as Shoplifting, is a serious crime.  For example, in September of 2016 News 9 reports that a woman pepper-sprayed a store manager during a confrontation.  The manager approached her in the parking lot regarding the $12 worth of fake eyelashes.  The woman then pepper-sprayed the manager as he photographed her with his phone.  Although pepper-spray is not so common, shoplifting is.  In fact, larceny accounted for over 70,000 petty thefts in Oklahoma during 2015.  If you find yourself in a position of facing charges on shoplifting, call our offices.  We want to help.  Read further for more information on the penalties of a shoplifting conviction.

Oklahoma Laws on Shoplifting and Larceny:

Under Oklahoma Statutes Title 21 §1704 the state defines petty theft.  First, the arresting officer must prove you intentionally took an item without paying for it.  Second, the item must be less than $1,000.  The charges elevate to grand larceny if the item is over $1,000.

In Oklahoma, it is a misdemeanor to commit shoplifting.  Misdemeanor penalties carry fines from $10 up to $500 depending on the severity of the crime.  If severe enough, you may also spend six months in jail.  Even after you pay your dues and finish your sentence, a misdemeanor charge may continue to be a problem for you.  It can disqualify you from certain employment opportunities that require a certain level of perceived integrity.  To permanently remove the record from you background, you will likely have to pursue and expungement.

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If you’ve been charged with a shoplifting crime our OKC larceny from a retailer attorneys can help you.  We understand that loss prevention officers can sometimes claim shoplifting or petty theft when you have no intention of stealing.  Let us help you in court.  If the elements of the crime are not there, then you cannot be found guilty under the law. Contact our OKC attorneys for a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer from Kania Law Office Oklahoma City attorneys.