Oklahoma City Assault and Battery Attorneys Discuss the Crime

Oklahoma City Assault and Battery attorneysOur Oklahoma City Assault and Battery Attorneys can help you if you receive charges of any type assault and battery case. We’ve helped clients in all sorts of circumstances.  Depending on whether the case involves a family member and the degree of the injury decides what type assault and battery occurs.

A recent case in the news is an example of aggravated domestic assault and battery.  An Oklahoma City man was arrested November of 2016 in Gainesville, TX on aggravated assault and battery charges.  The 42-year old man was in an argument with his girlfriend, when he picked up a knife.  He threatened to use the knife on her and eventually cut her face with the blade after poking her multiple times with the point.  Police apprehended the offender behind a building, as he tried to flee.  This type of behavior is punishable in Oklahoma too.  However, the Oklahoma statutes are slightly different.

Oklahoma Aggravated Assault and Battery Statute:

Oklahoma’s Statute Title 21 § 646 sets the parameters for aggravated assault and battery.  It specifically states that assault and battery elevates to aggravated assault and battery when:

–  Great bodily harm is inflicted upon the person assaulted; OR

–  If the person committing the assault and battery is of good health and the victim is elderly, disabled, or decrepit.

“Great bodily harm” includes fractured bones, permanent disfigurement, mental or physical disability, and/or serious risk of death.  In addition to becoming aggravated, the assault and battery may also become domestic abuse if against a romantic partner or family member.  The penalties increase even more if the victim is an on-duty police, medical officers, or firefighters; on-duty school officials; court officers; or sports officials.

Punishment for Aggravated Assault and Battery in Oklahoma:

Oklahoma treats aggravated assault and battery as a felony.  Generally, you can spend up to 5 years in state prison and possibly receive a fine totaling $1,000.  The court may also order you to pay restitution to the victims as well.  This can include medical fees, repairs to any property damage, and more.  The most damaging effect of an aggravated assault and battery conviction is that is remains on your permanent record.  As a result, you may lose rights to bear firearms, be denied housing in certain areas, or even lose the right to vote.

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