Oklahoma City Public Intoxication

Oklahoma City Public Intoxication

Oklahoma City public intoxication is a misdemeanor crime in Oklahoma. In 2015, an Emerson Alternative school teacher was arrested for public intoxication.  She was not present for the beginning of her science class when a colleague noticed her in her vehicle in the parking lot.  The teacher had a strong odor of alcohol, and attempted to leave the scene in her vehicle while claiming to go to rehab in order to avoid arrest.  After her arrest she was under suspension by Oklahoma City Public Schools.

What Counts as Public Intoxication:

Public intoxication requires that you are in public, intoxicated or drunk, and disturbing the peace.  While most people would understand receiving public drunkenness charges if they are on the street or in a public building, you can also receive it as a passenger in a vehicle or even on a private street.  Public intoxication does not only have to be drunkenness.  It can also include drugs or any other substance that impairs you.

Consequences of OKC Public Intoxication:

Public Intoxication in Oklahoma is a misdemeanor.  Therefore, anyone violating this law may receive fines from $10 to $100.  They may also serve 5 to 30 days in prison.  The time is depending upon the severity of the disturbance.  Further, these punishments can end up on your record.  Having a record of any type can cause tremendous difficulty in the future when applying for professional licenses, housing, etc.

Oklahoma City Public Intoxication Attorneys Can Help:

We understand how an Oklahoma public intoxication charge can be accidental.  Our attorneys have experience litigating such matters and want to help you out of a sticky situation.  One night of antics shouldn’t ruin your prospects in the future.  Our first consultation is free.  After we hear your side of things, we will be able to tailor a defense to your specific circumstances.  Let us help you out of a precarious situation. Call us today at 405.367.8710 and speak directly to an OKC criminal attorney.