OKC Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Our OKC nursing home abuse attorneys have dealt with all kinds of assisted living negligence. At Warr Acres Nursing Home in Oklahoma City a worker recently was fired for nursing home abuse andOKC Nursing Home Abuse attorneys neglect of her patient.  She admitted to not checking on her patients with the knowledge that nobody else was either.  The most graphic part of this is that the patients were elderly and bed-bound.  Unable to get up, these patients were left to soil themselves and remain in it until a nursing home worker aided them.  The worker received a 90 jail sentence and $3030.00 in fines.  If you feel your loved one is subject to similar, or worse, treatment in their nursing home, call us for a free consultation regarding your options.

When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse:

Each year nursing home abuse cases reach almost 24,000 in Oklahoma.  If you have suspicions that your loved one is facing neglect and abuse, then follow the steps below:

  1. Step with the head of the nursing staff
  2. Ask to see all medical records and take careful notes. Any incidents or medical issues (such as bed sores, etc) should be in a log in the medical records.   The log should also include the treatment for each medical issue in detail.
  3. If after reviewing the medical records and taking careful notes, if you feel your loved one is not receiving dignified or proper care, call an attorney.

Oklahoma Penalties for Nursing Home Abuse:

Oklahoma’s Nursing Home Care Act is 63 Okl. St.Ann. § 1-1918.  Section § 1-1918(B)(12) goes on to say:

“…every resident shall be free from mental and physical abuse and neglect…”

Therefore, if your loved one faces any abuse or neglect of any type while living in an Oklahoma nursing home, the staff may receive misdemeanor charges.  A misdemeanor charge of this kind may result in up to 30 days in jail and a fine up to $300.  But, if the neglect and abuse results in your loved one having injuries the penalties drastically increase.  Take for example if a staff member willfully or recklessly hurts your loved one.  Then punitive damages as well as recovery for injuries may be available.  These costs could reach into the thousands, making your loved one’s standard of living much more comfortable.

Let Our OKC Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys Help You:

The reality of nursing home abuse is never pleasant to recognize.  However, our attorneys know it happens and are ready to handle the process with you in a compassionate yet fierce manner.  Nobody should face abuse or neglect at the hands of their caretakers.  Let our OKC Nursing Home Abuse attorneys get justice for you, while walking you through the legal process. You don’t have to go it alone. Call us today we care about you and we care about nursing home abuse in Oklahoma.