Peeping Tom Charges in Oklahoma

Peeping Tom Charges

Peeping Tom Charges in Oklahoma can be devastating if you are convicted of the crime. A Rogers County man is facing Peeping Tom charges after an alleged find on his work computer.  Trevor Thompson was reported to authorities after supervisors at Thompson’s company found pornography and over 76 GB of up-skirt photos of women on an external hard drive at his office.  The photos appear to be in dressing rooms and public areas where women change clothing.  As a result, Thompson is facing multiple counts of Peeping Tom charges and violating the Computer Crimes Act.

Proof of Peeping Tom Crimes

In order for the State to find probable cause to convict a person with Peeping Tom crimes, a number of factors must be present.  These are under 21 O.S. §1171.

  1. You were hiding or waiting
  2. Near a private residence or in a place meant for privacy (i.e. dressing room)
  3. with intentions
  4. of seeing, videoing, or photographing the person inside
  5. without the victim knowing you are present.

So, any purposeful viewing, photographing, or videoing of a person who does not know you are seeing them, while they are in a private area is Peeping Tom.

Penalties for Peeping Tom Charges

Peeping Tom convictions are misdemeanor crimes.  So a prison sentence may only reach one year with fines of $5,000.  But, if video or photos arePeeping Tom Charges present as a result of these crimes, then you face a felony charge.  This will increase penalties from a potential 1 year maximum sentence to 5 years in prison. Further, as a sex offender felon you will likely have to enroll yourself on a Sex Offender Registry in Oklahoma.  Thus, you will not be able to live near schools or daycare’s and will never be able to adopt children.

OKC Attorneys in Your Corner

As you can see the fall-out from a Peeping Tom conviction is heavy in the legal system, and this does not even include the social backlash.  If you are facing these charges let us fight for your rights.  We know that the situation is often coupled with shame and even other charges.  Your first consultation is free and confidential. Call 405.367.8719