At Work Burn Injuries in Oklahoma

Burn Injuries

At Work Burn Injuries in Oklahoma happen all the time. In November of 217, a Durant man suffered serious burn injuries while working.  The Durant City Hall is undergoing some construction work.  During this work a man in a lift became surrounded by power lines while working on some bricks.  He backed away from two lines, but into another.  The line caused severe burns making him unable to speak or respond to co-workers. The man is now in a burn unit in OKC.  He suffers from third degree burns on his back and shoulders.  Officials believe the man will remain in the burn unit for many weeks to come and need substantial medical care.  If you suffered from at Work Burn Injuries in Oklahoma we will help you. You’re entitled to more than you think and our OKC workers comp lawyers we’ll get you what you really need.

Burn Injuries and Worker’s Compensation in Oklahoma

Some injuries are not compensable under Worker’s Compensation laws in Oklahoma.  However, burn injuries are compensable.  Burn injuries take significant time to heal and can benefit greatly from using workman’s comp.  If meeting certain criteria, you will be able to apply for and get workers comp if you go through the correct channels.

  1. You are an employee;
  2. with a burn injury;
  3. that you receive while working on your regular duties;
  4. your employer knows this is a possibility in your course of work; and
  5. You lose wages or have a physical disability (partial or permanent) from the injury.


If meeting this criterion, you will not be responsible for your medical expenses relating to the injury.  Your employer is liable for 100% of your medical expenses under Title 85(A) §51.  Further, you may receive compensation for lost wages while you are healing.  In some cases, you may receive a separate settlement also.

OKC Worker’s Compensation Attorneys

At Work Burn Injuries in Oklahoma or any other work injury we will help you. Our OKC Worker’s Compensation Attorneys have years of experience helping clients receive the medical expenses and recovery they deserve.  Let us handle the paperwork while you spend time focusing on your recovery.  Your first consultation is free.  Call us today and let’s begin your process.