OKC Estate Planning Attorneys Explain Oklahoma Step Children Inheritance

Oklahoma Step Children Inheritance

Oklahoma Step Children Inheritance is treated different then it is for naturally born children. According to the US Census Bureau, between 6% and 7% of Oklahoma children reside with a step-parent.  This makes up approximately 240,000 children.  As we all know, not everyone prepares their will ahead of time.  This leaves estates in an “intestate” situation.  Intestate estates are subject to Oklahoma’s inheritance laws.  As a step-parent this could cause problems for any step-child you wish to include as an heir.  Read on to understand more about the Oklahoma step children inheritance laws.

Oklahoma Law & Step children Inheritance:

Oklahoma law is rather silent on step-children as intestate heirs under 84 Okl.St.Ann. § 213. This essentially means that step-children are not considered part of the inheritance line if a step-parent passes without a will.  Thus, step-parents who want to include their step-children as heirs, must prepare some type of last will and testament or the step-children will be unable to inherit anything.

There are several ways in which a person can create a legal plan to pass on property.  This includes a holographic will, a legally drafted last will and testament, and/or trusts.  Each option has specific requirements.  If any of the requirements are not met, then your will may not be valid.  This can invalidate your will and sent it into intestate.  If this happens, your step-children will not inherit anything.  Thus, it is important to execute your will correctly.

Our OKC Attorneys Can Help You With Estate Planning:

Our Wills and Trust attorneys in Oklahoma City have experience in navigating these complex Oklahoma step children inheritance laws.  With many years spent in family law as well as Wills and Trusts law, we understand that step-children are, just as any biological child, an important part of the family.  If you want to ensure your step-children a portion of your property at your passing let us help you write a valid and complete will.  This will give you piece of mind that your step-child will also receive their part.  Our first consultation is free, so call us or review our OKC attorneys blog for more information..